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    1. Camp Starts In: 228 Days The artistic Irishman is a perfect actor, an inimitable mimic, and the two Morrows surpassed everyone. If ever you have seen Eddie Morrow, it will appear to you inconceivable that he could ever make a good Mona Lisa. Yet his Mona Lisa was perfect. He smiled so mysteriously, so faintly, so imaginatively, that Walter Pater, had he seen him, would have rewritten that swooning chapter which contains so much of arts opiate.... I remember Edith Heald who, unexpectedly to me, revealed consummate art as a nigger-boy, her eyes rolling in rapt wonderment. I remember Hearns eyeglasses, and the smiling eyes behind them, and the little scurry of words that occasionally came from his lips when something magical touched his spirit. And I can hear Herbert Hughes contented voice saying: Well, this is rather splendid, dont you know.


      This website template has been designed by Free Website Templates for you, for free. You can replace all this text with your own text. I have never completely recovered from that first attack of Shaw-fever; like ague, it sleeps in my bones and, from time to time, makes its presence known by little convulsions that are disturbing enough while they last, but which generally die pretty quickly.

      • Vivamus at justo ut urna porta pulvinar 62Yes; still reading Synge, he replied. Then, after a pause: A great man, Synge.

      • Pellentesque nunasidp adipiscing sollicitudin dolor id sagittis. One day he took me to the town hall to look once more at the wonderful series of frescoes that Ford Madox Brown painted in the great hall. When he came to the fresco picturing the Duke of Bridgewater at the ceremonial opening of the Bridgewater Canal, he pointed to the features of the Duke, and inquired:

      • Donec sit amet felis a nibh ornare malesuada. Mrs Annie Besant, like her Himalayan Mahatmas, is lofty, remote, and difficult of access. Only once was I admitted to The Presence. What drove me there was, first of all, curiosity, and, secondly, a feeling of great respect for her which I had retained from boyhood. I admired her courage, her independence, her friendship with and loyalty to Bradlaugh; moreover, I have always held in high regard those who, from temperamental or spiritual discord with their fellows, have kicked over the intellectual traces and run a race of their own. Annie Besant, whatever else she may be, is a woman of courage, of vast resource and of indomitable will.

      • Etiam et tellus mi, et semper lectus. Dont be absurd, George. Even you know that you cant get a furnished house like this for two hundred pence a year.

      • Quisque in purus nec purus feugiat consectetur. Audience?

      • Fusce et ipsum dolor lorem ante, at sollicitudin libero. I dont know why, but for many years there has been (and I am told there still is) a kind of silent conspiracy to keep out of Fleet Street as many aspirants to journalism as possible. They are discouraged by extravagant stories of the fierce competition that reigns there, by tragic yarns of men of great gifts who walk about The Street in rags. I myself was discouraged in this way and I found myself, on the verge of middle age, still hesitating in Manchester. It is true, I did not enter journalism until I was in my thirties, and I did not know the ropes. I did not know London either. Also, I was married and had children to educate and could not afford to take risks and make of life the grand adventure I have, in my heart, always known it to be.

      • Etiam et tellus mi, et semper lectus. I do not think so, said I, thoroughly roused and forgetting to play my part. The Apologia is slipshod. My own style, faulty though it may be, is more correct, more lucid, even more distinguished than Cardinal Newmans.

      • Vivamus at justo ut urna porta pulvinar. I have done.

      • 11/10/2011

        This is just a place holder, so you can see what the site would look like. Murrays was beyond my means, and I found the people there untalented and plethoric. They ate too much. And another club devoted to the profession was full of trifling women and jaunty men. Actresses are dear children, but at night they become tiresome. And actors always want me to praise them. They always pretended to be quite familiar with my name, and invariably invited me to have one. Quite nice people, though, I assure you.

      • 11/19/2011

        Praesent quis nisl in velit imper diet suscipit a id quam. You have quite the most unhealthy mind with which I have ever come in contact.

      • 11/19/2011

        Nullam vulputate elementum consequat. Fusce leo felis, bibendum. I do remember so regretfullyregretfully, because I do not think a like occasion can happen againan afternoon that Langford and I spent sitting at a little rustic table under a just yellowing grove of poplars. Langfords mind is spacious, most richly stored. Nothing can happen that does not at once and without effort fit into his philosophy of life, and though his talk is profound it is so greatly human that, in listening to him, one feels completely at rest. He accepts everything.... I daresay you have noticed that many people have tried to describe the effect Walt Whitmans personality has had on them, and you will have observed how they have all failed. It is an impossible task.... And I feel that in writing about Langford it is impossible to convey to you what he stands for to his friends. I recollect Captain J. E. Agate once saying to me: I never come away from speaking to Langford without feeling what an empty fool I am. Yes, that is true; yet, at the same time, you feel reconciled to your own empty folly; besides, you know well enough that if you were a fool Langford would not talk to you; he would just ask you to have a drink and then he would fumble clumsily in his waistcoat pocket to find you a cigarette.

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