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    1. Camp Starts In: 228 Days St John Ervine is a writer who already counts for much but who, a few years hence, will count for a good deal more. He is by way of being a protg of Bernard Shaw, and earnest young Fabians have already learned to reverence him.


      This website template has been designed by Free Website Templates for you, for free. You can replace all this text with your own text. Yes. I used to glide about on ponds, like this.

      • Vivamus at justo ut urna porta pulvinar Well, in the first instance, my publishers suggested

      • Pellentesque nunasidp adipiscing sollicitudin dolor id sagittis. He took from his case a great pile of MS. and turned the leaves over in his hands.

      • Donec sit amet felis a nibh ornare malesuada. What are they like, these Manchester people? Bauer asked me one afternoon before he was to play in Englands musical metropolis.

      • Etiam et tellus mi, et semper lectus. A great writer: no doubt, a very great writer: but you might gaze at him across a railway carriage for hours at a time and never suspect it.

      • Quisque in purus nec purus feugiat consectetur. He irked the younger and more turbulent spirits in Manchester, and we were constantly attacking him in the Press. But with no effect. Richter was like that. He ignored attacks. He was arrogant and spoiled and bad-tempered.

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      • Etiam et tellus mi, et semper lectus. Allusion to the impression that Augustus John gives of habitually loafing reminds me that this characteristic is typical of Chelsea. They are the most casual people in the world, and it is their casualness that the worker-by-rote 172cannot understand. I know a score of studios where one could walk in at any time of the day and be welcomed or, if not welcomed, treated with most disarming frankness. If the owner of the studio were busy on some work that had to be finished, he would say: Theres a drink there on the table and a smoke. Do what you like but, for Gods sake, dont talk! Or: Go round to the Bells, Old Thing. I like you very much and all that sort of nonsense, but even you can be a bit of a nuisance at ten in the morning. Its like drinking Benedictine before breakfast. But receptions such as this latter are very rare, and most artistsbecause they are artists, I supposeare ready enough to throw down their work and play for half-an-hour.

      • Vivamus at justo ut urna porta pulvinar. Je reçois votre aimable lettre et votre admirable article!! Je ne peux pas vous dire toute la joie que je ressens en lisant que vous comprenez si bien mes efforts! Je nai jamais su tre hypocrite et jai toujours manqu de diplomatie dans la vie cause de cela; aussi, je nhsite pas vous dire que je crois sincrement mriter vos bonnes paroles parce que je passe ma vie entire me dvouer mon art sans jamais de vacances. Mon amour pour le travail et la Beaut et tout ce qui est pure en art est tout le mateur de mes forces intellectuelles. Merci davoir devin ce que le public ne voit pas toujours. Mes mains dans les vôtres. Yvette Guilbert.

      • 11/10/2011

        This is just a place holder, so you can see what the site would look like. A short, mild and debonair figure received me one May afternoon in a house which, if not in Cavendish Square, was somewhere in its neighbourhood. In my later schoolboy days Max was very much cultivated by those of the younger generation who liked to think themselves 136enormously in the swim. We used to collect Max Beerbohmsnot his caricatures, for they were far and away beyond our means; but his articles. I remember a rather startling article of his in The Yellow Book which I had bound in lizard-skin, and a friend of mine had all Maxs Saturday Review articles beautifully typewritten on thick yellow paper and bound in scarlet cardboard. Max was precious, Max was deliciously impertinent, Max was too frightfully clever for words.

      • 11/19/2011

        Praesent quis nisl in velit imper diet suscipit a id quam. After a considerable time his enthusiasm evaporated and we began to eat. And then ensued a long talk, full of indiscretions, of most enjoyable malice. Harris told us many things that, perhaps, it would have been wiser if he had kept to himself. But, in spite of his venom, his real hatred of certain individuals, he never for a moment permits himself to be blinded to the quality of a mans work.

      • 11/19/2011

        Nullam vulputate elementum consequat. Fusce leo felis, bibendum. Yvette Guilbert!... Yvette Guilbert! I suppose that only a writer who really can write can say anything useful or dignified about this most wonderful woman.... And yet I must try. Do you remember that extraordinary breath-catching passage in Villette where Charlotte Brontë describes the acting of VashtiVashti who was RachelVashti who went to London when Charlotte loved Hger?... That, I always think, was a great event. Little Currer Bell, with her most modest mind and her most proud heart, sitting, so breathlessly, on one side of the footlights, and Rachel walking from the wings, beyond the footlights, and, like an empress, speaking, thinking like an empress, and, like a veritable woman, loving and hating.... Do you remember that passage? If you do, perhaps you will think, as I do, that, after all, only women can write of women. Did not Jane Austen create Elizabeth Bennet? And who was it who wrote the Sonnets from the Portuguese? And even, after all, Aphra Behn ... well, she knew something about women, didnt she?

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