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    1. Camp Starts In: 228 Days Barry Pain, like the gentleman who used to be known as Adrian Ross, leads a double intellectual life. He earns 141his bread by writing humorous literature; he is the king of modern jesters; but secretly (and perhaps in shame) he studies philosophy and metaphysics and is known to have written a big two-volume work dealing with the furtive processes of the human mind. He is a scholar, but Fate has made of him a manufacturer of jokes. While his tougher intellectual faculties are wrestling with the basic problems of the universethe whence, whither and why of thingshis observing eye is noting the little discrepancies of life, the jolly frailties of human nature, the absurdities of our everyday existence.


      This website template has been designed by Free Website Templates for you, for free. You can replace all this text with your own text. His conversational powers never, I believe, reach the point of eloquence. I remember G. H. Mair giving me an amusing description of a breakfast he gave to Arnold Bennett and Stanley Houghton in his lodgings in Manchester. Bennett and Houghton had not previously met, and the latter was young and inexperienced enough to nurse the expectation that the personality of the famous writer would be as impressive as his work, and impressive in the same way. It is true that very extraordinary circumstances would be necessary to make breakfast in Manchester free from dullness, but Houghton no doubt thought that his meeting with Bennett was an 70extraordinary circumstance. In the event, however, he was disillusioned.

      • Vivamus at justo ut urna porta pulvinar I knew nobody, and said so. He thereupon took a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote a list of names; at the top of the list stood J. L. Garvin; at the bottom, Lord Northcliffe.

      • Pellentesque nunasidp adipiscing sollicitudin dolor id sagittis. His very brilliant assistant, A. A. Milne, I once interviewed for a now defunct Labour paper. I was invited to the office of Punch, and met a tall, slim, yellow-haired and blue-eyed youth, who was so inordinately shy that, after half-an-hours perfunctory conversation, I discovered that I had not sufficient material for a paragraph, 78whereas I had orders to make a column article of the interview. I knew instinctively that Milne must find, as I do, a good deal in W. S. Gilberts writings that is in deplorable taste, and I did my utmost to induce him to say something very rude about Sullivans collaborator. But he would not bite. He nodded and smiled at, and appeared to agree with, all the savage things I said of Gilbert, but he would say very littleand certainly not enough for my purposeon his own account. I tried other subjects, but without success; finally, I got up in despair, thanked him for the time he had given me and prepared to depart.

      • Donec sit amet felis a nibh ornare malesuada. Tophole! said he. I love praise, dont you?

      • Etiam et tellus mi, et semper lectus. Well, how much is it? she asked. Four times into two hundred. The cheque must go by to-nights 19post. Ive done the sum three times, and on each occasion Ive got a different answer.

      • Quisque in purus nec purus feugiat consectetur. Those days are gone for ever: days of a recovered youth; evenings that were romantic just because they were evenings; nights when, in silence, one dreamed long and long, the body sunk deep in unconsciousness, the soul ranging and mounting and, in the morning, returning to its home subtly changed and infinitely refreshed.... Newman opened for me a world which, but for him, I do not think I ever should have beheld; nor, indeed, should I ever have been aware of that worlds existence.

      • Fusce et ipsum dolor lorem ante, at sollicitudin libero. (This sort of thing goes on for an hour when, very secretly and as though she were on some nefarious errand, Mrs Arnold disappears from the room. She presently reappears with a maid, who carries a tray of coffee and sandwiches. The dreadful Mr Masefield is then forgotten.]

      • Etiam et tellus mi, et semper lectus. A writer of originality must expect to have to wait. If a writer is acclaimed immediatelyI mean a writer on social and artistic subjectshe may be pretty sure that he is saying things that have been said before. He may be saying them better than anybody else; nevertheless, they are the same things. My own success has been gained, and is very largely maintained, by the force of my personality and by the tradition about myself that has gradually grown up in the mind of the public. For example, if I were to write an article and give it to you to copy out and offer to editors in your own name, you being the professional author, I doubt very much if a single editor would look at it twice. A good deal, you see, is in a name.

      • Vivamus at justo ut urna porta pulvinar. Well, I have in this dispatch case eight hundred and seventy-three poems about myself, telling the world almost all there is to know about the most interesting phenomenon it contains.

      • 11/10/2011

        This is just a place holder, so you can see what the site would look like. But have not all men of genius this superb confidence in themselves? I am convinced they have. Could they possibly carry on without it? But only a few men of genius have the courage, or the artlessness, to speak what is really in their hearts.

      • 11/19/2011

        Praesent quis nisl in velit imper diet suscipit a id quam. Point was added to the jest by the fact that Newman has always been a particularly hard, and generally very heavily pressed worker.

      • 11/19/2011

        Nullam vulputate elementum consequat. Fusce leo felis, bibendum. (Forte)

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